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The Daily Meditation

There are hundreds of meditation methods available now and they have many different aims. Some are for relaxation, some are for reaching Divine states. Some are for opening chakras, some are to heal. Some are to release energy, some to master it. The list could go on and on.

With meditation, it is best to settle into one that is designed to take you to your goals. If your goal is to have a life that works better, that has better relationships and builds a stronger, more integrated spiritual foundation every day, the following method is the most effective sitting meditation technique I have ever tried or observed in others. For those who practice it, it unfailingly produces positive results. It is simple and takes about five minutes in the morning and about five minutes in the evening.

Morning: sit, close your eyes, breathe, relax, and be inside.

Then, anticipate the day. Let your attention go to the things you have to do today, the people you have to meet, the obligations you have, and so on. Review these.

If you have concerns about facing any situation or person, consider how to best face that situation or person.

If there is any aspect of today that you have great difficulty facing, call upon assistance from God or a higher power.

Affirm your highest intentions for today in what you want to accomplish and how you best want to live and treat people.

When you are complete, open your eyes, rise, and meet the day.

Evening: sit, close your eyes, breathe, relax, and be inside.

Then, review the day. Let your attention go over the day and the things that happened.

Your attention will tend to go to the points that were significant to you, either negative or positive. If a point was positive, enjoy the contemplation and reliving of it. Affirm your thankfulness for it.

If the point was negative, let yourself go over it, trying to understand what really happened, learning any lessons from it, and seeing if there is anything more for you to do about it.

Assess how well you carried out your highest intentions for the day. Reaffirm these intentions, accepting that it is probably beyond your current capacity to always carry them out 100%.

Once you complete this process, make a choice to let the day be complete, with all its successes and failures. Take a deep breath and let go of the day.

Sleep in peace.

Create your own style of doing this meditation that enhances the experience for you. This may include an altar, a special prayer, etc.

Always do this review process with self-love.

The subtle power of this method, as it builds week after week, is exceptional. One thing it does is it tends to dissolve the stack-up of daily problems and relationship glitches that commonly accumulate in the subconscious when there is no regular self-reflection. It also subtly changes one’s stance toward the day in the direction of one’s highest aims. It enables you to access higher wisdom in how to deal with decisions and relationship issues. Things go better and challenges are more wisely met.

This practice doesn’t work so well if it’s done ritualistically or superstitiously. It relies on who you are to compare your actions to your own inner standard and make choices independent of reactive behaviors.

As with all regular practices, you will run into barriers. You will probably have periods in which you get to it regularly and periods in which you don’t. Your lifestyle might interfere. Don’t worry about it, just begin the practice again. This is not about perfectionism, it is about going in the direction you want to go.

I am happy to receive any reports you would like to send me on what you have experienced doing this meditation.



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