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Basics of Clearing

March 4-8 & September 16-20, 2019

In this training you will gain one of the best educations you will find anywhere on the topics of communication, what help is, the inner workings of the mind, and the nature of the true individual. You will learn proven methods under personal guidance as your experience and confidence grow.

This course gives you:

  • 65 hours of class training.
  • Guided experience giving and receiving basic Clearing Sessions.
  • Training drills that increase your ability to work with people while staying in real communication.
  • Training in:
    • Creating the supportive environment
    • Ethics for Clearers
    • Client assessment and establishing rapport
    • Beginning and ending sessions
    • Managing the Communication Cycle
    • Basic processes for:
      - Clearing Current Problems
      - Relationship Clearing
      - Guilt Clearing
    • When to run a process and when to end it
  • Certificate on completion of the course material.

Prerequisites: complete an intake interview.

Tuition:US$2900 for the year . A payment plan can be set up extending through to September, 2019. You may also pay half and commit only to the March training to see if you would like to go on.

Clearing training involves receiving Clearing sessions from trained Clearers. The cost for these sessions varies and there is no time limit on receiving them. Enquire further for details.

The potential: Clearing training is an investment in professional skills that has the potential for significant future earnings and work satisfaction. Successful students have the choice to give Clearing sessions full time or part-time. Many apply Clearing principles and techniques to their business and career. Clearing has many direct and indirect applications. It is an excellent basic training for anyone interested in going into any of the helping fields or broadening their base of practical education. Part of your development in Clearing training will be to discover how you want to use what you have learned.

Beyond the Basics of Clearing: This training fulfills the prerequisites for the Clearing Course Years II and III, and training in Emotion Clearing and Couples Clearing.

If you are new to Clearing, you may pay half and take the first five-day training of the course to evaluate whether to continue the yearís training. For further information on Clearing, see the page Clearing and Consulting.

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Planned for a five-day training in March and one in September of 2020 in White Rock, British Columbia

Clearing Year II

Year II trains you in how to clear the deeper problems for clients that interfere in their having a stronger sense of self and a more complete ability to communicate. For your clients, Clearing at this level brings more freedom from blame, more creativity, and more general happiness in life.

In Year II you will:

  • Continue giving sessions where you live, under regular consultation via email. This is where your real seasoning as a Clearer takes place. These sessions are paid sessions, with the fee level set according to your level of experience;
  • Learn the basics of clearing fixed attitudes and states of being.
  • Receive continuing sessions as a Clearee.
  • Lay the necessary groundwork for core casework in Year III.

Tuition: $2900 for the year.

Clearing training involves receiving Clearing sessions from trained Clearers. The cost for these sessions varies and there is no time limit on receiving them. Enquire further for details.


White Rock, BC, March 5-9 & September 17-21, 2018

Clearing Year III

Clearing Year III is for Clearers with an on-going practice. Year III trains you in working with a broad range of client situations and abilities including clearing the mind to the deepest levels. Contact Lawrence at for more details.

Clearing training involves receiving Clearing sessions from trained Clearers. The cost for these sessions varies and there is no time limit on receiving them. Enquire further for details.


What students have said about the Clearing Training

These students are happy to speak with you if you are interested in the Clearing Training and would like to talk with someone who has taken it. These Clearers are also available for booking Clearing sessions in their area.

ďI worked with the dying and their families for twenty years as a volunteer but had often felt I wanted more skills. Also, in my personal relationships, I sometimes reacted to things not knowing where the reactions came from and I was interested in getting free of that. In the Clearing training, from both giving and receiving sessions, these seemingly involuntary reactions dissolved. Iíve become more fluid and at ease generally. I also find great satisfaction in helping others attain greater freedom and ease in their life. Clearing is the most healing and useful work Iíve ever come across.Ē

Egbert De Haan, White Rock, BC

ďThe Clearing Course has been one of the most valuable trainings for life that Iíve encountered. Itís filled with practical training, invaluable information, and it is extremely well-paced. The mentoring program with Lawrence is excellent. I am finally fulfilling a long term goal to understand the nature of the mind and release its negative tendencies.Ē

Soorya Resels, Vancouver, BC

"I completed the three years of Clearing training with Lawrence and I have a thriving practice in San Diego. I would love to share my experience and enthusiasm about this training and about giving and receiving Clearing sessions.

The training itself is well-structured and brilliantly taught by Lawrence. All of the practice we did with our fellow Clearers really helped me hone my skills and give me confidence to take on clients. I have built a thriving practice working with all sorts of people. I am truly amazed at how well these processes work and how well my clients are served. No matter what challenge they present, I watch them gain freedom and empowerment, heighten their ability to communicate and gain a better and happier quality of life. This is so satisfying to me.

A side benefit of the training is that I received hours of Clearing sessions myself which has been a tremendous boon in my own life. My relationships with my husband, daughter and mother have improved, as well as my ability to communicate and to really accept others as they are. My life is filled with increased passion, purpose, love and joy. I have been able to gain freedom from behavioral patterns and issues that have plagued me my whole life. I show up more authentically in all that I do and I live my life without hesitation.

I feel truly blessed to have found this work and Lawrence as a teacher. It allows me to make the kind of contribution to others that I have been yearning for as well as to live a more empowered and joy-filled life myself. I am very thankful.

I would recommend this training to anyone who likes to work with people and feels a desire to make a contribution. Or even if you just want to understand your own mind and work on your own issues. I would recommend Clearing sessions to just about everyone. "

Linda Robinson, San Diego, California,

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