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The Enlightenment Intensive
Masters Training Course

A powerful training developed over forty-five years for those ready to step into organizing and giving Enlightenment Intensives

This comprehensive course awakens the Master within you and trains you in the skills you’ll need for managing all aspects of an Enlightenment Intensive.

The course includes:

1) Home Study of the Masters Training Manual

2) The Seven-day Residential Training. Here you’ll be trained in:

  • Being the source of your Enlightenment Intensive
  • Ethics for Masters
  • Managing Staff
  • Advanced interview training
  • Advanced crisis handling
  • Giving Lectures
  • Understanding the transformation of energy
  • Communicating to the public and promoting your Enlightenment Intensives
  • Running the integration day after an Enlightenment Intensive

3) Personal consultation and mentoring as you organize and give your
    first five Enlightenment Intensives.


  • Are fluent in English
  • Complete an intake interview
  • Have completed the Senior Monitor Training and have adequate experience as a Senior Monitor.

Note: Enlightenment Intensives taken or staffed prior to beginning this training program count toward the training steps. A certificate is given upon completion of the whole course.

Dates and Tuition:The next training will be held July 14-20, 2019, near Seattle, Washington. Tuition: US$1600, or $1400 if registered by February 15th, 2019. Reviewers: $450. Bed and meals not included in tuition, inquire for options. When you begin giving Enlightenment Intensives, an additional charge applies for personal mentoring before, during and after each of the first five you give, inquire for details.

Long term prospects: Some graduates maintain other careers and give Enlightenment Intensives as part of their special contribution to others. Others work full time giving Enlightenment Intensives and related services. The people who give Enlightenment Intensives regard the work as a special honor and as a profound, ongoing part of their spiritual life.

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What graduates have said:

Completing the Enlightenment Masters Training Course with Lawrence was a profound growth experience for me. The value of the training has increased over the years as I’ve continued to give Enlightenment Intensives.”

Dawn Nelson
Teacher, Author. USA

I took the Masters Course with Lawrence in 1982 and since then I’ve given several Enlightenment Intensives a year. They are still the source of my deepest understanding about the mind and the limitless beauty of the Self.”

Nanna Michael
Psychologist, Germany

I am blessed and honored to have taken Lawrence’s Masters Course in 1995. The training gave me the confidence and practical know-how to go out and lead these life transforming events myself. In the last 15 years I have had over 7000 participants experience the profound benefits of the Enlightenment Intensive. I highly recommend this training if you want to give Enlightenment Intensives.”

Satyen Raja
Founder of the Get a Life Company
Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco

I took the Master's Course with Lawrence 26 years ago. I went despite my fears and it was the best thing I ever did. It gave me the power and the means to give Enlightenment Intensives, to help people wake up to the deep Truth. This work is the most joyful, the most fulfilling, the most wonderful thing I know of. If you are interested, do the course. Give Enlightenment Intensives. It will be a wonderful life.”

Murray Kennedy
Giving Enlightenment Intensives in Vancouver since 1982

If I go back with my mind to 1998, taking the Masters Training was very exciting. I was learning how to help people go beyond what they perceive. Afterwards I had a great and deep fulfillment giving my first Enlightenment Intensives. By the end of every Intensive I see participants receive special gifts. Being witness to their insights, their new awareness, and their direct experiences, is the gift you receive when you create the Enlightenment Intensive for others.”

Antonello D’Amelio
ARCA Center, Turin, Italy

The first Enlightenment Intensive I took years ago opened a door to infinity for me. It began a journey that continues to surprise and amaze me. Since taking the Masters Training in 1998 I found that one of the most rewarding experiences I ever had in my life is to support and encourage participants on Enlightenment Intensives, to help them go through their barriers, to stay with them and be present at their direct experiences. I am very grateful to life to have the opportunity to do this work. I am honored to meet the brave people interested in the truth, who attend my Intensives, organized with all my passion and love for this work.”

Diego Mascherpa
ARCA Center, Turin, Italy

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