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The Enlightenment Intensive is a modern answer to the question, “Where can I go to directly experience the true nature of life, others and my self?” With one foot rooted in the ancient tradition of Rinzai Zen and the other in the modern dyad process of communication, the Enlightenment Intensive is a three-day retreat capable of producing deep spiritual awakenings at the core.

Not a seminar, a religion or an indoctrination, the Enlightenment Intensive is a total support system for you to make your own inner journey, at your own pace, into the nature of reality.

How does it work?

During the Enlightenment Intensive you are asked to set aside all distractions and engage in a monastic lifestyle in order to free your energy and attention for the practice at hand. Your practice is to contemplate a question such as ‘Who am I?’ and communicate to a partner what has occurred. You choose a new partner for each 40-minute period. Throughout the day you have breaks for walks, rest, meals, and lectures. Other questions you may work on are, “What am I?”, “What is Life?”, and “What is Another?” This journey of exploration, healing and awakening reveals that our deepest truths may be found within ourselves and through our honest interaction with others.

First developed in 1968, hundreds of thousands of people world-wide have participated in this honorable, heart-to-heart format for awakening to who we are, what life is and what others are.

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What does it do for people?

"After the Enlightenment Intensive I felt full up for the first time in my life. I kept remembering the Biblical saying, “My cup runneth over” because that fit exactly how I felt. I’d never felt that before. I had always had a hollow, empty feeling that I tried to fill with relationships, cigarettes, food, anything, and for the first time I didn’t feel the need to fill myself up with anything. I was full. And some part of that feeling has never gone away.”


"I see the Enlightenment Intensive and what I experienced there as the seed of my spiritual foundation. I have an awareness all the time, that Salinger wrote about when he saw a child pouring milk into a glass. He said he saw it as, “God pouring God into God.” That’s how life is for me now. So now my eyes look out into the world. I’m a woman of the world, and I live in the world, but my consciousness is opened to something else at the same time. I am aware of this dual process, always. I am an inhabitant of two worlds, and this is comfortable for me now.”


"I can see the depth in people now, I see their souls and I can feel our connection. I love people now, is really the only way I can say it. I have an appreciation for people and for relating I never had before."


"For me the Enlightenment Intensive was like having sunglasses on and taking them off and seeing people for the first time. I experienced there being no difference between me and others. I wanted to treat others better after that, not from some teaching but from what I had actually experienced."


"Enlightenment Intensives are very pure and very powerful. The benefit they had for me I can’t say enough about. I directly experienced my true nature and it completely transformed my ability at martial arts. I recommend Enlightenment Intensives to my martial arts students, and to anyone."

Peter Ralston
World Champion Martial Artist, 1974

"At my first Enlightenment Intensive, I was absolutely taken by the power and purity of its technique and format. I immediately set out to learn everything possible about this approach to self-realization. I took the Masters Training Course with Lawrence and it was an extremely valuable experience on many levels. While giving my first Enlightenment Intensive, I knew I would be doing this work for the rest of my life. I have been schooled in many approaches and teach a number of them but the Enlightenment Intensive offers something truly unique and much needed in the world today."

Richard Faulds (Shobhan)
Senior Teacher, Chairman of the Board
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

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