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The Enlightenment Intensive:
Dyad Communication as a Tool for Self-Realization

By Lawrence Noyes
1998, Frog, Ltd,
a Division of North Atlantic Books

This is a comprehensive book on the origins of the Enlightenment Intensive, how it works, and the profound results people have gotten from it. Includes photos, lectures and interviews, personal accounts, historical information, and suggestions for post-Enlightenment Intensive practices. Excellent reading for those curious about Enlightenment Intensives and for anyone who has taken an Enlightenment Intensive and who would like to have a deeper understanding of the process and of the nature of spiritual experiences.


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What people have said about The Enlightenment Intensive Book by Lawrence Noyes:

“This book is so rich in its simplicity and clarity. A very deep thank you, Lawrence.”

Rosemary Kearney, South Africa

“What an inspiring book! . . . I highly recommend it.”

Joe Heavens, USA

“A great source of information and inspiration . . . More than once, I was in tears.”

Barry McGuiness, England

“This book is wonderful! A major contribution to the continuing success of the Enlightenment Intensive.”

Jack Wexler, Australia

“I love it. I loved the descriptions people gave of their experiences. It’s a book that speaks to everyone whether they’ve taken an Enlightenment Intensive or not.”

Murray Kennedy, Canada

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